Personal Learning Environments (PLEs)

An extension of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) are a potentially powerful way individuals and groups can map information and knowledge sources. PLEs can work for individuals, in terms of managing professional development, and for teams developing common practices.

Back on 18 November, Frances Di Lauro organised a talk at The Writing Hub, by 2 US academics (David Bolton, professor of educational research, statistics, and measurement at West Chester University and Maria Northcote, Director of the Centre for Advancement of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) at Avondale College)). A large part of the workshop covered the idea of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). You can see the whole paper at

The image below is less the PLE environment discussed at the November seminar, more something that I thought would be useful way of interpreting it (and of  course, someone already had – PLEs)


Moonage daydream. Blogging and ideas

cropped-knowhere.jpegSo what’s Knowhere about? Work stuff, such as education, technology and innovation. society, government (good and bad), community, philosophy, the future, the past, the present. Business and organisations, leadership, entrepreneurship, management, and strategy. Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, automation, robotics, gamification, diversity, decision-making, intranets and the web. Start ups and stuff ups. Data, information and knowledge. People and the way we collaborate.

And non-work interests, such as science, movies, theatre, music, visual arts, books, food, feminism, and stuff. This isn’t a showcase for work or career, it’s more holistic than that.

The audience is me, primarily. I want to be able to connect the dots of my own thoughts and those of others, and see where that goes. I also want to be able to find stuff I like and so I see this blog and Pinterest as memory extenders.

Of course the world doesn’t need another blog, more digital documents or anything else. It’s a postmodern world (or post postmodern, I can never remember). So, I’m just going to do what I want, for a change.