Leading Creative Teams (Stanford Leading Innovation notes)

Building the team Superstars aren’t lone geniuses or  dazzling independent performers The “lone inventor” is a myth:  Great innovations happen in social/ teams and networks. Darwin’s network and team (esp. by correspondence, also a ‘PR’ team who defended his ideas) Thomas Edison’s lab (lousy inventor but great at building the lab and business) The duos that started HP, Sun, Yahoo!, and  Google (Facebook, Zuckerberg and all) Leader’s goal = the “product” at the Hasso Plattner  Institute of  Design: Creative Collaborators Who are the real superstars? People who spread their ideas to others Borrow ideas from others (and give them  credit) and help others succeed. GE, IDEO, Genencor, McKinsey, and P&G – very different reward systems, all the same  philosophy: If … Continue Reading Leading Creative Teams (Stanford Leading Innovation notes)

Routine vs. Creative work (Stanford Leading Innovation notes)

Bob Sutton: Simplified: Innovation = Creativity + Implementation Diego Rodriguez (IDEO) (to clients): What is your space for failing? (also, what are the acceptable forms of failure in your organisation?) Note. Rodriguez now prefers ‘accelerated learning’ to failing (or ‘rapid learning’ rather than ‘rapid failing’). Avoid a single ‘prototyping/ innovation room’ … Continue Reading Routine vs. Creative work (Stanford Leading Innovation notes)

Mind games. Neuro gaming

One of my favourite talks at TEDx Sydney 2016 was by Karen Palmer, who combines Neurogaming, Film, Wearable Technology and Parkour to create dynamic immersive video installations to inspire and empower the user. Her practise involves creating a sense of mindfulness and “being in the moment”to simulate a physiological and spiritual … Continue Reading Mind games. Neuro gaming

A design for life. IDEO ‘Leading for creativity’ resources

Apple on design Tim Brown TEDx 2009 ‘Design is getting big again’ ‘Start with humans’ ‘Build to think… and Prototype’ Participation as the goal, not consumption Design participatory systems – theme for design and the economy 10.46 example of Kaiser Permanente where nurses changes their shift changeover practices, so instead of … Continue Reading A design for life. IDEO ‘Leading for creativity’ resources

Think! TEDx 2016

I’m often left wondering what TEDx is all about, so look forward to thinking about it from someone more informed’s point of view. Kylie Dunn’s Start Thinking! An Initial Review of TEDxSydney and also Work Club’s TEDx Sydney 2016 Recap