Aussie startup: Ancient sites in VR

via Australian archaeological startup raises $679,000 to rebuild ancient sites in VR | VentureBeat | AR/VR | by Dean Takahashi

Archaeology becomes easier in VR, where you can walk around ancient buildings as if they were still there. Lithodomos VR has raised $900,000 in Australian dollars ($679,000 U.S.) in a seed funding round.

“Have you ever stood in front of historic ruins, the Parthenon for example, and closed your eyes, imagining what the site before you would have looked like centuries ago? Thanks to virtual reality, seeing ruins as they looked in their heyday is both possible and easy” founder Simon Young recently told the Smithsonian Newsletter during an interview.

So, I have shelled out the $2.99 for the Ancient Jerusalem App and shall report back…

Author: briney001

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