We can work it out. Dealing with difficult people

From Evernote, using the memory of the less good days of the CBK for a better result.

Don’t hide – face it.

Don’t let anxiety chew you up. Initiate contact to accelerate tension reduction.

Change ‘who is in charge’ – disarm them by taking control of the situation or at least your own responses.

Manage your SELF TALK

”Stop your thoughts.” Change your thought processes – STOP!

Remember that replaying old issues makes the next meeting START anxiously, in a charged way.

Get thru the few minutes and reclaim your life.

Move on immediately. LOOK AT YOUR WATCH & STOP, REFOCUS.

Think of success. Use your time wisely.



Don’t dump. Move on from this whinging position and model the right techniques. Focus on what you can change.

Lose the need for recognition – No ‘I told you so’. Leave the other person with their dignity and ‘face’.

Anticipate and plan for others’ likely concerns.

Systems thinking – change one part of a system to change the whole system.

Start thinking of ways to make ‘concerns and anxieties’ a tangible issue for management (something that can be fixed).

Consider the intention/ motivation of the other person. Are they BAD? Or did they make you make choices you didn’t want to make (in hindsight)?

Your boss only has a few minutes interaction with you each day – don’t ‘take your boss home or to bed!’