This generation rules the nation. Dutchie’s recollections Take 2

I’ve fallen out of love with Evernote, it’s over.

So while a blog might not be the best place for this (I think they started off as a light-weight record in my PDA (a Palm-pilot), of what I must have realised would be a much-loved family holiday, here they are.

From 2001:

Day 1 – Saturday Jul 7

Drove to Nelson Bay, arrived early arvo. Great house – 3 levels, view across Port Stephens. Girls got soaked on Dutchie’s Beach – of course.

Day 2 – Sunday Jul 8

Girls swam at the beach near the marina. Read a lot of Starship Titanic.

Day 3 – Monday Jul 9

Went to FighterWorld. Abortive attempt to get to the Sygna wreck on Stockton Beach. Fire @ Bob’s Farm tea-house.

Day 4 -Tuesday Jul 10

Raining. Went to see Shrek. Tacos and finished Lion, witch and the wardrobe.

Day 5 – Wednesday Jul 11

Kayla came for the day. Went for a ride to Shoal Bay and read more of ‘The Diamond Age’. Home made fish & chips.

Day 6 -Thursday Jul 12

Shoal Bay. Rain so dashed home. Went bowling (mid 80s). Dinner @ Hogs Breath Cafe.

Day 7 -Friday Jul 13

Went on whale and dolphin watch cruise.

Day 8 – Saturday Jul 14

Bought new rods for the girls and fished at Nelson Bay dock. Rosie caught her first ever fish. Eve bought fish and chips. Watched Wallabies 29 Lions 23 with Lou and Rosie.

Day 9 – Sunday Jul 13

Hired a runabout but too choppy so went fishing @ the dock.

Day10 – Monday Jul 14

Pizza with Helen & John in Newcastle.

Day11 – Tuesday Jul 15

Julie and Sophie came to stay. More fishing on the dock – Lou caught 5, me 4, Rosie 3 and Sophie 2. Julie looked after the girls in the evening while Eve and I went to the movies (Swordfish).

Day12 – Wednesday Jul 16

Cooked breakfast. Went to Fingal Beach and walked to the spit but too high to cross. Cycled with Lou to Shoal Bay before going back to get Rose and Eve @ Fingal. Eve took the girls to see Dr Dolittle 2 while I had a couple of beers and read at Hog’s Breath Cafe. Home, dinner and bed by 9.

Day13 – Thursday Jul 17

Went bowling (86 and 168). Bought Kate Reid’s first birthday present. Salmon sandwiches for lunch before a walk along Shoal Bay beach. Played ball all along the beach. Built a sandcastle with the girls. Ice creams at Shoal Beach before fishing at the dock til dark.

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