I can do it. Value & Leadership Competencies

PEOPLE & ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Developing the long-term capabilities of others and the organisation as a whole, and finding satisfaction in influencing or even transforming someone’s life or career. (Ross Dawson – Supporting business ecosystems, workforce change)

TEAM LEADERSHIP: Focusing, aligning and building effective groups both within one’s immediate organisation and across functions.

STRATEGIC ORIENTATION: Ability to think long-term and beyond one’s own area, involving three key dimensions: business awareness, critical analysis and integration of information, and the ability to develop an action-oriented plan. (Ross Dawson – Visionary Leadership)

CHANGE LEADERSHIP: Transforming and aligning an organisation through its people to drive for improvement in new and challenging directions.

COLLABORATION & INFLUENCE: Working effectively with, and influencing those outside of your functional area for positive impact on business performance.

RESULTS ORIENTATION: Being focused on improvement of business results.

MARKET KNOWLEDGE: Understanding the market in which a business operates, including the competition, the suppliers, the customer base and the regulatory environment.

EXTERNAL CUSTOMER FOCUS: Serving and building value-added relationships with customers or clients.

COMMERCIAL ORIENTATION: Identifying and moving towards business opportunities, seizing chances to increase profit and revenue.

Derived from the CIO Council competency framework

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