Oh, Saturday morning. I wanna feel ConnecTED

TEDxSydney Vivant co-creation workshop
Hosted by Vivant on 9th April 2016. Photo: Tim Lumsdaine

Saturday with the TEDx (and Vivant) folks was fun but a long day. I arrived at about 8.31am to find the doors locked and a small posse of ‘latecomers’. On the other side of Market Street was a huge queue of (what looked like) students, in line to get the latest Adidas sneakers. There were a couple of smart remarks about consumers addicted to brands, but I did wonder if there was some irony in a queue of TEDx fans queuing up to the time the doors opened (then closed). It takes something to get 48 people into the city to work 8.30am to 7.30pm, no money down.

We were divided into six teams of eight, and assigned a facilitator (Jack was ours). I’m going to have to be economical with the reflections here, but I do plan to return to topic as I want to record some lessons learned, ready for a workshop I plan to run next month.

The best thing about the day was meeting teacher of Design, @MelChadwickICT

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