Ball of confusion. Navigating the new norm of disruption

Attributed to Ajay Bhatia, Chief Information Officer at, Navigating the new norm of disruption has been useful in helping think about what outlooks and behaviours are giving me grief working with some colleagues. I hadn’t realised how big a disconnect existed between two groups. It’s not important here who was right or wrong (though I’m sure it’s obvious I’m biased!)

The paper came as part of the package for a Digital Disruption conference that I couldn’t afford to go to.

Key points from the paper (well, the headings) are:

  1. Concentrate on effectiveness over efficiency
  2. Check your blind spots – There will always be a new competitor
  3. Focus on people, not technology
  4. Value talent over process
  5. Start Thinking Outside of the Box
  6. The customer needs to be at the centre of disruption
  7. Empower your employees to drive innovation